Know the different types of Wood Routers

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For every carpenter, wood router is a very valuable tool. Using a quality router with various-sized bits would enable the carpenter to create beautiful and intricate designs, make grooves and joints, and shape edges. Each kind of router serves different purposes and meets distinct needs. Therefore it is essential to know the major types of wood routers and find the right type for your needs.

Wood Routers are of three types: Plunge, Fixed Bases and Trim routers. The main difference lies in the way the motor and the base of the router are attached to each other. The design of the router will also determine the kind of woodwork it does.

Plunge Router

A plunge router has a base with a spring-loaded shaft.The motor is attached to the base with two retractable spring columns. The bit is plunged into the wood by exerting some pressure on the base. It is the safest router among all because of its retractable blade. Though safest of all, the top of the router is heavy and might require some time before you learn how to handle and control it properly.

For every carpenter, wood router is a very valuable tool

It allows the carpenter to hover the router over the surface and then plunge it down to cut into the wood. The spring-loaded shaft has the ability to move up and down. Unlike regular routers with which the depth is adjusted beforehand, the depth of the plunge shaft can be fixed and locked when it is shoved down thus allowing for cutting holesand grooves of variable depth. It is also possible to unlock the shaft’s depth while it is running.

The main advantage of plunge router is that the cut can be made in the middle of the wood.This means that you do not have to start cutting from the edge. It eliminates the need of having a starter hole. It is very useful for cutting patterns or profiles and making signs on a wooden board. It also saves time by not requiring a pre-drilled starting hole.

Although, it offers more versatility than other routers, it can be a little harder to use than fixed base ones. Also because of its superior features, it isrelatively more expensive than its other counterparts. Plunge bases can also be mounted and used in a router table. They are designed in such a way that the protruding bit of the router can be set from above the table.

Fixed Base Router

A fixed base router has a stationary fixed base. It requires setting the depth of the bit by adjusting the base, which is then locked into place about the motor of the router. For best performance, fit the fixed base model to a router table. They are good for edge cuts and precise straight-line molding. Like trim routers, they are light-weight and easy to use.

Wood Routers

When working with a fixed base router, the blade depth needs to be set beforehand. It cannot be adjusted midway. The bit depth will remain unchanged during the course of routing. The bit can be easily adjusted up or down by simply twisting the housing. Hence, fixed routers do not allow for over-gouging. But there is still a way out – you can adjust depth by bringing up or lowering down the router base. Like trim and plunge routers, they can be used in handheld fashion or mounted in a router table. However, mounted router is very easy to use than handheld.

According to the general wood router reviews, depth locking feature is ideal for newbie carpenters who are inexperience with power tools. Fixed base routers have compact structures and are easier to handle, control or move. They are less expensive than plunge routers. However, they lack the versatility of plunge routers and cannot do overcutting.

Trim Router

A trim router is usually a mini-router since it is smaller in size. It is ideal for doing tasks that require less power and capacity. As its name suggests, it is used mainly to trim and bevel laminate. They are great at piercing one handed holes precisely and accurately. Generally crafters and hobbyists use them. Although it can be used for other small work, it best does light-duty woodwork only.

A trim router can possibly be used as a plunge router but it can turn out to be dangerous. Because a trim router is designed to be brought in from the edges and not to be plunged directly into the wood. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to control a trim router while plunging into the wooden board. Ninety percent of the times, you would mess up and need to discard it.

Many wood router reviews claim that trim routers are usually not as powerful and versatile as plunge routers are. Their primarily job is to laminate wood and do minor routing. If you work with hardwoods (for example, oak), you will require a router with extra powerful motor. Profiles and patterns cannot be grooved in wood using trim routers.


Buying a wood router is easy than learning how to use it. Wood routers are a big investment and therefore it is essential to understand the differences and purposes of each of them. We hope that the information contained in this article will help you make a right choice for your woodworking career. It does take time to master the routing techniques, but once learnt, they add a lot to the set of skills you possess and make you stand out from the crowd!

Everything you need to know about the wooden furniture

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Quality Wood Furniture

Though several other options are available, but woods are the best choice for making furniture for your house. The elegance and style that wooden furniture offer, can’t get from others. Different types of wood are used for creating the furniture. Each wood is unique and in their natural color reacts differently to the finishes.

Different types of woods

The more you know about the characteristics of the wood, the better will be your selection in choosing the particular type of wood for your furniture. Generally, two types of wood are used for making furniture, hardwood and softwood.


Oak:  Oak is the most widely used wood for furniture. Almost sixty species of oak woods are available in USA, divided into two varieties- white and red. Red oak is known as black oak. Oak is light-colored, heavy hardwood perfect for furniture.

Outdoor Wood Furniture

Maple:  Maple is usually used as Bowling alley floors for its hardness and resistant to shock nature. 115 species of maple are available, but only five species are commercially grown in the USA. Violin backs are also made from the maples that has  curly grain.

Mahogany:  Mahogany or Honduras mahogany is a tropical hardwood. Different types and species are available under this name. The mahogany derives from the Caribbean are assumed to be the hardest, strongest and of best quality. Mahogany with regular pore structure is very hard. According to the grades and style, the price is also variable.

Cherry: Cherry is sometimes known as fruitwood, for its light brown color. It is moderately hard, strong, light to red brown color wood which is easy to polish and carve.

Walnut:  This is extremely durable and hard, without being heavy. Walnut is known as the most versatile cabinet making wood. The color of the wood is light to dark chocolate color. It has high woodworking qualities and takes excellent finishes too. Widely used in the different cabinet making.

Rosewood:  The next one is rosewood, extremely hard with minimal woodworking quality. It takes minimum polish and generally used in musical instruments.


Spruce: This one is very hard and strong, but takes finishes well and show less resistance to water. These words are perfect for making aircrafts, masts of ships, etc.

Hickory: One of the hardest and strong wood. 15 species are available among which 8 are commercially used. Where hardness and thickness are required, this hickory wood is used.

Redwood: Redwood is resistant to heat, moisture and insects. It is widely used to create outdoor furniture.

Fir: Versatile uses of this wood prove its popularity,  widely used in the making of furniture, doors, frames, windows, etc. It also has high woodworking quality and show resistance to decay.

Pines: Pine is usually grown in the Northern Hemisphere. They are white and yellow-white colored wood that resists shrinking and swelling.

These are the most commonly used types of wood to make furniture, cabinets, doors, windows, etc. Each wood has its own characteristics and positive sides. Whenever you are selecting woods, considering these qualities is a must.

Now, as you have finally brought a new set of fine wood furniture for your house, taking care of this furniture is equally needed. To keep the shine and glow of the furniture, you have to go beyond a step ahead than cleaning and dusting. Wood actually reacts to the environmental changes such as humidity, rain, heat, etc. If you want to keep your furniture last long with the persisting look then proper care is essential. But, how? You will get your answer .

Say ‘no to the sun

Sun had detrimental effects on the woods and wood finishes. Always keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. You may not even realize, how just a ray of sunlight can demolish the finishing of the furniture. But, the truth is that in the summer season sun rays coming through the windows can go above 140 degree Fahrenheit, which is really alarming for the wooden furniture. Over exposure to the sun fades away the finishing of the wooden furniture and gradually, it looks dull and less attractive and finally, will be destroyed. So, while setting your furniture, choose the place where there will be less exposure to the sun. Using tablecloths and doilies can slow down the process of fading but can’t resist.

Home Wood Furniture


Use a soft and damp clothes to clean the wooden furniture. It may sound weird, but yes, you can clean the furniture with a damp cloth. After cleaning with the damp cloth, clean the furniture again with dry clothes so that moistures don’t get the chance to set on the furniture. Don’t forget to wipe down the furniture after each exposure to moistures. Your dust clothes shouldn’t have any buttons, zips, thick seams, etc. that can create scratch on the surface.

Avoid using a feather duster. It can only move the dust around, instead of cleaning it properly and dust accumulates in the craving, joints or grooves eventually becomes difficult to remove which takes away the glow and finish of the furniture gradually. The major issue with the feather duster is that you can’t wash it and even your furniture can be scratched if the feather is broken.

No moisture or extreme heat

Both the factors have adverse effects on the wooden furniture. Wood, whether polished or not absorbs moisture from its surrounding. Over exposure to the moisture will cause the wood swell and expand. Sometimes this expansion can lead to  crack or split in the furniture. Therefore, avoid setting your furniture in a damp and cold room.

Like moisture, excessive heat is also a threat for the wooden furniture. In extreme temperature, wood gets dry losing its moisture. As a result, crack in the wood is obvious. That’s why, placing your furniture in direct sunlight or near heating area is not a good option for the health of your furniture.

Don’t put hot or cold items on the furniture

Don’t put hot coffee mugs or cold drinks directly on the furniture. Excessive heated pots, pans or dishes without a pot holder can damage the finishing and surface of the furniture. As a result, the furniture will fade away. Condensation creates from the cold items cause blooming, where the finishing of the furniture can be fluffy and milky. To prevent such damage, never put the hot and cold cans on the surface of the wooden furniture. In case of unwanted placing, wipe off the area immediately to prevent damage.


Wood furniture is easily affected by moisture, extreme heat, etc. But, there are several other factors that can damage the finishing of your wooden furniture. Let’s have a look on them.

  • Finish off the wood furniture can be damaged by the solvents like nail-polish remover, alcohol, etc. Keep them away from the wooden furniture.
  • Body oil, fingerprints and perspiration can also harm the furniture in the long run. Use a different rack made of plastic or metal to store products like hair spray, body oil, nail-polish remover, etc. instead of wooden products.
  • Don’t leave plastic objects on the wooden furniture. Plastics lying on the furniture may also damage the finish while pulling up. Plastic mats, toys, accessories cover, wrappers can leach color over time. So, using hot mats and coasters is always advisable though the finish of the furniture is heat and water resistant.
  • Don’t put any sharp objects on the furniture for avoiding scratch on the surface.

Polishing substance

It may not be compulsory, but if you feel commercial polishing substance can also be used to finish the furniture. But, few methods should follow applying these polishing products. While polishing, same type of polishing substance should be consistently. If wax-based and oil-based polishes are used interchangeably, the finishing may appear cloudy.

Quality Wood Furniture

Moving the furniture

While moving the furniture from one place to another, special handling is needed. While living heavy furniture, please take help of at least two people for avoiding any injury and accidents. Drawers, cabinet, etc. while shifting lift from the bottom,  instead of grabbing from the top. Sliding small pieces can damage your floor. So, keep the  pieces away to save the floor and the legs of the furniture. You can use furniture shifters too for making the shifting safe and secure.


Wooden furniture has different appeals. The finishing of the wood differs from each other for thei own natural color. To sustain this done and elegance, there is no alternate of proper maintenance. A careful supervision will sustain the glow and finish off the wood for decades.


Electric or Traditional Stove?

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Electric Stove

Stove is one of the most important home appliances that you must have in your home. Mostly it is used for cooking of course. If you do not have it, you probably might end up eating out every day for every meal. Although yes there are some alternative for you to cook such as microwave or oven but those appliances are not made for cooking so you can’t make everything with those.

If you have a stove, you could cook your meals everyday which is going to be so much economical than going out. There are some other benefits such as, it would be more healthy, you could have more control of your food, you know what’s in it, and you could have a control for the taste.

Gas Stove

Lately, there is this electric stove that has been famous lately. This type of stove was invented a long way ago but lately a lot of people started to use it. Basically, rather than using gas just like the traditional stove, this kind of stove use electrical energy and turn them into heat that you could use for cooking.

Some places and peoples might find this electric stove very useful and convenient but not in some place and for some peoples. The question is which one should I buy the electric or gas stove. Both of it have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Which one that is easier to use

If you are new to one of this type of stove, of course you need to learn how to use it each of them. Gas stove that people has been using for quite a long time probably more familiar and easier to use rather than the electric stove.

You only need to turn the knob then the fire would pop up, you could use it and if you have finished you just need to turn it off. With the electric stove, is almost the same, only need to touch this and that, then you can cook with that. Both are easy to use and operate.


Since both of them are easy to use then how about the control. Well, I personally think that the electric stove have more control about the flame rather than the gas stove. Because it is electric, they have a numerical range about the flame so you would easily choose on what stage do you want your heat to be.

What you need to know that the stage of the heat between electrical and gas stove is different. So, medium flame on a gas stove wouldn’t be as hot as the medium flame on the electric stove. You really need to know about that because it will also be different between stove. Practice so you would get used to it.

Electric Stove


Electric stove use electricity then turn it into heat. In terms of using electricity, of course the electric stove is not really effective because it consume a lot of electricity. While the gas stove is not, it uses gas.

In terms of heating, the gas stove produce an open flame so of course it is hot. But, the electric stove need some times to turn the electrical energy into heat so you have to preheat it before you use it. Just like preheat your oven. Electric stove also need some time to cool down, not like the gas stove that when we turn it off that’s it we are done. It would be more effective and faster to cook with the gas stove.

In terms of steadiness, the electric stove have a flat surface. It will give you the benefit of a very steady cooking so your pan won’t fall easily. Rather than the gas stove the electric one is more effective.


Of course in this subject, the electric stove wins a lot. The gas stove have so many places and spaces that have to clean out. It’s just so complicated and takes a lot of work.

While with the electric stove, it’s just a clean and flat surface. This surely will makes the cleaning process so easy. Just one wipe then you have your stove cleaned. Although maybe you need something special to clean it up with.


One of the problem that haunted gas stove users the most is gas leak. If something is wrong then you will have a big problem with your gas stove. You really need to be careful while using them. Meanwhile, if you use electric stove at least this gas leak problem won’t happened.

Both of this kind of stove have their own benefits and disadvantages. Which one to use is really based on where do you live and which stove that you are most comfortable to use. If you have to change to one of the stove then it might takes some time but you will get used to it easily.


Home Appliances that You Could Live Without

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air conditioner

Whether if you are on a budget or not, there are actually a few of home appliances that you could live without. Some of it maybe not what we use as often as it is in the past, and some just not really important, it just don’t give so many value until the point that you really need it.

House or apartment’s price are quite high nowadays. It is also hard to earn money. Everything becomes expensive. A place to stay or live is an important in our life. Buy or rent a house or an apartment is everyone’s dream and needs but it might be expensive. After you finally having a place to stay, there is also other thing that you need to spend your money on. There are things like furniture, decoration, kitchen tools, and of course home appliances.

Maybe you don’t realize that some of those home appliances in your house would actually ended up just become a decoration. You could just not buying it on the first place. It will surely save up some money because those home appliances is not cheap though.


This appliance might be a perfect for those who are busy and got no time to wash dishes. Well, dishwasher would actually help you a lot in the progress of washing dishes. Only need to arrange the dishes on the rack, press this and that, wait, then your task of washing dishes is done.


Dishwasher have some benefits that would make you want to buy it, it consumes less water rather than when you wash it with your hands, it could wash a lot of dishes, and people believed that it would be more cleaner.

But actually, you don’t really need this appliance. Dishwasher with the best feature would be pretty expensive, and some would consume quite a lot of electricity. Different dishwasher would have different rack inside, so only some of it that would be really efficient in washing a lot of dishes.

You could totally live without dishwasher. If you don’t keep your water running all the time while you washing dishes with your hands, you would save some water too. Washing with hands surely consume less electricity, and if you do it right, it would also be clean and less time consume.


Laptop and streaming media is a very common thing now. Internet makes everything possible, includes watching only your favorite television show wherever and whenever you want. You don’t have to wait the whole day to watch it. The most important probably you would see or watch less advertisement when you streaming it rather than you watch it on the television.

Because of that, people are so rarely watching television anymore. The technologies may changed but it cost so much more to have. That’s why you could totally life without TV.

Water heater

Using water heater also takes a lot of electricity. You could totally leave this appliance out. Boiling your water on the stove for drinks or for take a bath is the alternative. Might take an extra step but it is really an easy step while gives you quite a few more benefits so why not right.


Probably not really an expensive appliance, but it surely consume a lot of electricity. There are some recipes that has been famous lately using microwave, kind of like a food hack. So, actually now you can use microwave not only for heating foods, you could also make food or cook with it.


Maybe suitable for those who lives in a dorm, but probably not going to be used for cooking too much in a house or apartment since you have another more suitable appliances for cooking. You can totally leave this out.


Toaster’s function is only for making toast. That’s why you could totally not buying one of these. Yes, this will make making toast so much faster and easier because while it’s doing their job you can do anything else while waiting. But, again, this appliances consume quite a lot of electricity.

Instead, you could toast your bread on a pan. An extra step but you could save more. On the other hand, you would also have more control on how your toast’s texture you wanted.


If you already have an Air Conditioning then you could not buying one of these. Well, while its black out yes it would be hot but you could totally be fine. There are a lot of alternative that you could do such as go to somewhere else, probably mall.

Aroma lamp

This lamp is usually used for the aromatherapy and such. People usually put it on the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Not everyone like that aromatherapy and not everyone going to need it so that’s why you could leave this out.

Air conditioning

There are possibly the most needed appliances for everyone and every places. Nothing could beat the heat right now besides AC. But actually there are some places that do not have AC. So, it’s depend on you want to buy it or not.

air conditioner

Every people have different needs, also the needs of appliances with different people would vary. So, if you feel the need of those appliances and you have the cash of course you could buy it. But if you don’t really need it you could leave it out and probably save up the money.

Ten Tips for Buying Best Kitchen Appliances & Tools

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kitchen appliances for home

When you are planning to buy new kitchen appliances and tools, seeking expert’s advice makes good sense. I have done exactly the same thing when I went for remodeling my kitchen. I have changed everything in the kitchen from appliances to serving sets.

You won’t lose any by consulting an expert but I am sure you will gain more. I thought that I did not need anybody’s advice regarding my kitchen and what I must buy for it. But my wife insisted on consulting an expert before we went for shopping. And I must share with you that it has paid off.

kitchen appliance parts

I have gained not only some fresh insights about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to kitchen, but also saved a lot of money by thinking twice about every purchase we made. Let me share the top ten tips he shared with us when he was consulted.

Prepare a list of items you want to buy

First, it is important to prepare a list of items that we need to buy for the kitchen. Many people miss this basic rule while they are getting ready to throw hundreds and thousands of dollars on kitchen appliances. Once you have a list of items to purchase, you will have a clear idea about what to look for and what to ignore when you go for shopping.

Prepare separate lists for most essential and non-essential things

Second, we usually tend to buy things that we don’t require on a daily basis. But we need them on occasion. Should we include such items in our list? The best advice in this regard is to prepare two lists: one the most essential things that you need every day and the other one, things that you need but not every day.

When we start categorizing the things like this, you will get a third list as well. It contains the things we would like to have in the kitchen but they are not essential. Eliminate all such items from the list without any hesitation.

Know the features of each appliance before you take a final call

Third, know all the features of the product you are going to purchase. As an experienced buyer what do you usually do when you want to purchase some items for your kitchen? You will go online and try to get as much information as you can. You will start reading the product features and reviews to have a clear understanding of the products you want to buy.

Study carefully all the features of the product and compare them with the features of other products in the same category. When you go for such a comparison you will get to know many interesting things that might totally alter your decisions.

modern major kitchen appliances

Read the Product Reviews and know more about the product

Fourth, read the product reviews before you buy them. Unless you are satisfied with the customer reviews, you don’t go for them. Why don’t you do the same for buying the kitchen appliances and tools as well?

Spend some time browsing the web and noting down the important points against the list of items you have already prepared. This will help you to take a final call on each item in the list.

Compare the Prices of the same products from different vendors

When you are online, it is easier to go for an online comparison of the things on the display on the websites. With a few clicks you will have an idea about the comparative prices of the products from different vendors. It is easier for you to order the things where you get a cheaper price.

Select an appliance that can do the work of two or three appliances

Be clear about all the features of the appliances that you are going to buy. For example if a mixer can do the work of a wet grinder, you need not go for a separate wet grinder. I understand the argument that you need both. It’s good to have both; there is no doubt about that. But, wait a minute.

Keep the available space in the kitchen in mind when you are buying too many things

You need to provide space in the kitchen for all the appliances you are buying. Don’t forget this basic fact when you are going for many items for your kitchen. Ask yourself before you take anything, where should I keep this in the kitchen? Have I got space for this in the kitchen? Remember that your kitchen is not store room.

Always keep in mind that you need to work in the kitchen and you cannot afford to keep everything around you.

Keep your cooking space free and avoid stuffing too many things at the place

It is important to see that you have enough cooking space that makes you work freely without any constraints. If there are too many things at the cooking place, you will feel it very congested. It limits your free movement and when you turn on one side, you will be hitting the things on the other side, if you keep too many things around you.

Make room for essential appliances and keep others items away

When you can certain things like the refrigerator at the dining hall instead of keeping that in the kitchen, it will provide you more space. But see that it is not far away from the kitchen. You need to get the vegetables from the refrigerator for cooking.  Don’t add additional work to you or your spouse by keeping the most essential items away from the cooking place.

kitchen appliances for home

Get appliances that last long and never fail you

When you are busy preparing a good number of dishes and all of a sudden the mixer gets stuck, or the grinder stops working, it will create many awkward moments for you. Avoid taking such cheap quality appliances though they are cheaper.

Pay attention to the quality products that deliver and never fail you. It is essential to have kitchen appliances that are reliable and efficient. Too often, we will be in a hurry when we are in the kitchen. We want to complete the work as fast as we can and want to get out of it.

The biggest Home Improvement: Go Green!

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Solar Power Project

A few small steps at your home will go a long way in saving the earth for the future generations. You might be wondering how a small change at your home can save the earth. Collective actions, even if they are small, will have a tremendous effect and make a great difference. Millions of small drops of water make an ocean.

Go Green

Going green is one of the first steps in saving the earth and protecting the environment. Opt for solar energy generating panels and you will be doing immense good to yourself and neighborhood. It is not an impossible task to switch over to the solar panel system to generate the electricity you require.

How Solar Panels work to generate electricity

Going Green is easier now

Going green is easier now than it was in the past. You will get lot of support from the government of your country and technical support will be readily available to you when you want to go for installing solar panels. There are many professionals and companies offering the technical support you need.

Invest now and enjoy free power later

What better home improvement can you think of than saving your bills every month? What about initial investment? Yes, we understand your concern. You need to invest more now to save for the future. It is common to be worried about the investment now. In the case of solar panel installation, the initial investment may appear to be a bit more expensive, but the returns on investment are solid.

Once you have installed the solar panels, there will be a drastic reduction in your power bills. You need not worry about the mounting power bills every month. You can sit comfortably and enjoy yourself as the power you need is generated automatically without any expenses every month.

Moreover, you will have the additional benefit of getting some support from the government in the form of subsidiaries for erecting solar panels.

Go Green and Get Discount

Many governments have announced incentives for people who want to go for solar power. Check in your country what sort of incentives you will get for installing solar panels for generating the power you need. You will get the solar panels and machinery for a discounted price. Though the initial cost is a bit high, you can still go for it as the benefits are more.

Going Green

Save on Your Power Bills

Saving on your power bills is of course one of the biggest gains you will have when you go for solar energy. In addition to the saving on your power bills, you are also doing a great service to the future generations. You are saving the earth and its natural resources. Your grand children and great grand children will lead happy life if you can save the natural resources for them.

Save the Environment

The green house gases are doing irreparable damage to our environment. As an educated and conscientious parent you would love to save some of the most valued things in life to your children and grandchildren. The most valuable gift you can give to the future generations is saving the earth from green house gases and global warming.

Going green is one of the best solutions for saving our earth for the future generations. Instead of depleting our mother earth of all its fossil fuels, it is wiser to save them for future.

It’s getting cheap

Going green is not that expensive as you think. Thanks to the rapid development in science and technology, the solar power panels are getting cheaper day by day. It is not going to cost you millions of dollars to meet the power requirements of your home. Soon you will find many of the households opting for solar power.

It’s not rocket science anymore!

Installing solar panels is not rocket science anymore! It is a simple technology and very easy to erect and use. Moreover, you will have ample support from government, non-governmental organizations and go-green volunteers and of course, professionals who will offer their services for a decent fee to support you.

Problems and solutions

Every technology offers you advantages with some limitations. But it also provides you with many solutions as well. You might be wondering what will happen if the solar panels that you got installed do not provide sufficient energy or you might want more power occasionally than the installed solar power panels can produce. What to do then? Don’t worry. There are many solutions to the problem.

Get Connected to a Solar Power Grid

To strike a balance to your fluctuating power needs, it is a good idea to get your solar power generating system to a local solar power grid. It saves you a lot from many of the problems you are anticipating.

Solar Power Project

When you need more power than your solar panels can generate, you will get your additional power requirements from the solar power grid. Similarly when your solar power panels produce more power than you require, you can transfer the surplus amount of power to the solar power grid.

It’s not a complicated process either. When you consume more power, your power meter will go forward and when you have the surplus power after consumption, the additional power will be transferred to the solar power grid and your power meter will go backwards. It is simple addition and subtraction functions that automatically take place in the power meter.